IX @ efnet + rizon


Work area:

end-user and workgroup-centric software enabling a decentralized data topology. Emphasis on maintainability, resilience, elimination of technical debt, evolution pathways and standard compliance

Technical Focus

Languages: FP + scripting preference: sh, Haskell, Perl, Javascript, Ruby query: GraphQL, SPARQL, SQL

Data interchange: normalization for input to Machine Learning systems, parsers, regular expressions, domain-specific heuristics. HTML, JSON (JSON-LD), RDF (Turtle)

APIs: HTTP (RFC7231), DOM/JS, LDP (Linked Data Platform) aka Solid

OS: “UNIX-like” Android, Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD

Professional Experience

Ongoing: Open Source Software Developer

platforms and frameworks for multi-protocol convergence facilitating agnostic interoperability among RFC/spec-compliant clients and servers including legacy systems (terminal / console / text-mode)